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How To Post

When you are ready, you can post your work to the 2016 Collection on AO3. Use the "Post to Collection" button, being sure to fill in your assigned recipient. As with previous years, works will not be anonymous once the collection opens; creators will be revealed immediately. If you have not posted to AO3 before and have trouble, send me a PM or an email at riventhorn AT gmail DOT com.


A treat is any story or piece of artwork not created for your assignment. You can create extra things for your recipient or treats for people who are not your recipient. People who have not officially signed up as participants are also welcome to make treats if they find prompts inspiring. There is not an obligation to create treats; it's only if you want to.

Unlike official assignments, there is no minimum requirements for treats: ficlets under 1000 words and quick sketches are both fine!

To post a treat, simply post your story or artwork to the 2016 collection as you would for your assignment, and fill in the pseudonym of the person the treat is for. It's nice if you indicate in tags or notes that it's a treat.

We have put together a spreadsheet listing everyone's requests for treat purposes.

Also, a reminder that the default deadline is May 20.

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Thank you, this is very handy. ♥


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