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If you have any further questions that are not addressed here or in the policies (which will be updated/clarified soon), please email a mod or leave a comment and we will answer!

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Sutcliff Swap is a multifandom exchange for fanfiction and fanart based on the childrens' and adult novels and short stories of British historical fiction author Rosemary Sutcliff. While perhaps best known for her novels of Roman Britain, Sutcliff's works spanned settings from c. 2000-1000 BCE to the 19th century Ottoman Empire.

You can find a list of her works here on DW (LJ mirror post).

(We are not permitting fanworks based on the 2011 movie The Eagle, or on the Eagle of the Ninth radioplay or BBC series, the BBC Blood Feud series, or any other adaptations for this exchange. However, works based on the books Eagle of the Ninth and Blood Feud are extremely welcome.)

This exchange is also for stories set during the canonical era of the source--which means AU from canon events is fine, but please save the modern and science fiction AUs for other venues.

If you do not feel you can sign up for the exchange this year, you can still sign up as a potential pinch hitter, beta someone's art or story, or create treats.

Useful Information


Carmarthen / [personal profile] carmarthen / [personal profile] carmarthen / caerfyrddin AT gmail DOT com
Isis / [profile] isiscolo / [personal profile] isis / isiscolo AT gmail DOT com

Livejournal Community: [community profile] sutcliff_swap
Dreamwidth Community: [personal profile] sutcliff_swap
Sign-up Form:
Archive of Our Own Collection / Subcollection: Sutcliff Swap / Sutcliff Swap 2012 / Sutcliff Swap 2013


Promotion: Now!
Signups: April 8-14
Matching and assignments go out: April 22
Creation period: April 22-June 3
Default deadline: May 20
Fanwork deadline: June 3
Pinch hit deadline: June 9
Archive opens: June 10

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