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Hello again, lovely participants! I just sent out an emergency pinch hit, and I'm a little concerned about being able to open the archive on time. I do not want to open the archive until everyone has a gift.

It would be extremely lovely if anyone felt inspired to produce even a quick treat for either of the recipients who don't currently have stories or art in the archive. Remember, treats can be less than 1000 words, or quick sketches.

Jain: Frontier Wolf, Sword at Sunset, The Truce of the Games )

riventhorn: Outcast, Frontier Wolf, Eagle of the Ninth )

If you are willing to take either of these as a formal pinch hit, please email me at caerfyrddin AT gmail DOT com.
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Greetings, lovely participants! The deadline for your Sutcliff Swap 2013 assignment has now passed. We had one last minute default, so I have contacted some people who indicated that they might be willing to pinch-hit. Fingers crossed--so far everything has gone pretty smoothly!

The archive is currently scheduled to open June 10. This means you have until sometime June 9 to make sure your story has a title and summary (I noticed I'm not the only one who hasn't filled those in yet), and to get a last minute beta or SPAG-check if you feel you need one. And of course, you have until June 9 to write or draw additional treats if you feel inspired by any of the requests.
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We would hate for our lovely pinch hitters to go giftless, so if you're working on a pinch hit for [community profile] sutcliff_swap, please comment over at the LJ mirror with your penname, your favorite Sutcliff fandoms and characters, and perhaps some ideas for fic or art you'd like to receive.

If you would like to make a little something for a pinch hitter, please upload it to the 2012 Collection by August 7. No minimums apply.

Remember, if you have not received an extension and are not a pinch hitter, the upload deadline for your assigned fanwork is 11 p.m. MDT (GMT -6) tonight, August 1.

Thanks, everyone!
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1. Signups for [community profile] sutcliff_swap close Friday, June 15! This is your chance to change your signup if you wish to do so, or sign up if you haven't already.

2. The Beta Post (on LJ; DW users can use OpenID or anonymous commenting) is no longer a placeholder! If you're interested in betaing fic and/or art for [community profile] sutcliff_swap, this is the place to let people know. You do not have to be a participant in the exchange.

3. Since it's sort of buried in the policies post, no, you do not have to be a participant in the exchange to be a pinch hitter--and since this is a small multifandom exchange with many out of print sources, the more potential pinch hitters, the better.

Signing up to pinch hit does not commit you to anything--it's just an indication of interest.

If you are not a participant but are interested in pinch-hitting, please email [personal profile] isis at isiscolo AT gmail DOT com with the following information:

  • your AO3 user name

  • fandoms/character restrictions

  • whether you can create fiction, art, or both

Okay, I think that's it. Signups are looking awesome and we're really excited--thank you to everyone who's decided to participate!


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