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Just a reminder that the deadline for your fanworks is Monday, June 3. Functionally, this means whenever I wake up on June 4, so just use midnight in your timezone as the deadline. Please post your fanwork to the 2013 collection using the "Post to Collection" button, being sure to fill in your assigned or treat recipient. If you have not posted to AO3 before and have trouble, send me a PM or an email (caerfyrddin AT gmail DOT com) and I'll dig up a tutorial.

The archive will open June 10, giving us all a week for pinch hits if we need them, and final edits and treats if you're so inclined.

If you have made a pinch hit, please comment to this post with a few requests--we'd like to make sure our pinch hitters have a treat or two for their awesome work!
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Your fanwork is due on August 1 (yes, instructions for artists will appear before then). The deadline for defaulting without penalty is July 18. If you know you'll need to default, the more lead-time you can give us to find a pinch-hitter the better, although of course we hope no one will need to default.

So, how's it going?

How's your fanwork coming along? Have you found a beta yet (beta post, please sign up if you're willing to beta and haven't already) if you're planning to use one? Any challenges we might be able to help out with?

Feel free to comment (anonymously or not) with a progress update, but as this is a small challenge it's probably best to be vague about fandom or other identifying details of your story!

If you need clarification from your recipient, please contact [personal profile] isis (isiscolo AT gmail DOT com) or [personal profile] carmarthen (caerfyrddin AT gmail DOT com) and we'll try to get answers for you. If you're also stuck on finding some historical information, please let us know and we'll try to help out. We were hoping to post some resources during the creation period, but that may or may not happen this time around.


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