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Sutcliff Swap will be a fanwork exchange based on the works of historical fiction writer Rosemary Sutcliff (no movie/radioplay/TV-based EOT9 fanworks). Right now I'd like to start hammering out the terms and timeline, so here are some outstanding questions based on earlier discussion here and here:


I am currently envisioning an exchange that encompasses both fic and art; vids based on books seem prohibitively difficult to pull off, as do other graphics. Are there other types of book-based fanworks people would be interested in for an exchange like this (crafts?)?

Limiting it to solely fic and art would probably be simplest. People could specify which they would prefer to receive/offer in signups.


I'm leaning towards early March for signups, with a six-week writing period and reveal in April (please ignore anything I put on the AO3 collection for now--I'm still trying to figure it out). Does this sound like a good time for everyone? Can anyone who is very interested in participating absolutely not sign up in that period? Is there a different time of the year that would be better? I'd like to avoid the October-January holiday exchange period, since many people are already very busy at that time of year, and there has been one "not August" request.


Given the vast number (and obscurity of some) of things written by Sutcliff, I'm inclined to base matching on

1. Fandom
2. Category (gen, het, m/m, f/f, poly--basically, a requester can request 1+ of these, with the expectation of receiving ONE of their requests, and a creator can offer 1+ of these. This way you don't get someone who only writes gen matched with someone who wants m/m slash, or vice versa)
3. Fanwork type--art or fic

This means NO MATCHING ON CHARACTERS. Anyone offering a fandom is offering all characters, and committing to write/draw for at least one of the requested groupings. Requestors are urged to provide a variety of suggestions and not request just one OTP.

If someone really feels they can only write/draw the main characters, we may be able to work something out, or they could offer to pinch-hit.

Thoughts on this? I'm just not sure matching on characters is feasible (especially the way I'd like to do signups--as a bucket for each fandom where requestors list some favorite characters and/or pairings and explain in details which ones they'd like to see in the same story, but the creator only has to create a fanwork for ONE request), and I'd also like to encourage gen and secondary character fic in this exchange.


It's become pretty common to include treats in exchanges--works that may or may not reach the minimum, which can be made by anyone, even if they are not otherwise participating.

Pros - more fanworks! a way for people to participate who can't sign up for the exchange itself!

Cons - more stress! more complexity! Sutcliff fanworks are not necessarily easily done on a very short timeframe!

I am leaning towards "no treats", but opening the collection post-reveal to people who want to fill other requests, sort of like Yuletide New Year's resolutions--if the exchange does well enough to do again next year, this could be revisited.



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