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This list is copied from Wikipedia, so there's some redundancy in organization (Sword at Sunset is a Dolphin Ring book, an Arthurian book, and an adult book, for example), but I removed the omnibus editions. We expect some of these are very very unlikely to be requested or offered, but hopefully this is a useful memory jog.

You may also find [ profile] hedgebird's Sutcliff's historical fiction by setting, length, and mode useful.

Eagle of the Ninth series in chronological order (novels linked by the Aquila family dolphin ring)

The Eagle of the Ninth (US / UK)
The Silver Branch (US / UK)
Frontier Wolf (US)
The Lantern Bearers (US / UK)
Sword at Sunset
Dawn Wind (US)
Sword Song
The Shield Ring (US)

Arthurian novels

Sword at Sunset
The Sword and the Circle
The Light Beyond the Forest
The Road to Camlann
The King Arthur Trilogy [an omnibus edition containing Sword and the Circle, Light Beyond the Forest and Road to Camlann -- you can nominate this instead of the individual novels]

Other children's novels

The Shining Company
Chronicles of Robin Hood
The Queen Elizabeth Story
The Armourer's House
Brother Dustyfeet
Outcast (US)
Warrior Scarlet
Knight's Fee (US)
Bridge Builders
Beowulf: Dragonslayer
The Hound of Ulster
The Mark of the Horse Lord (US)
A Saxon Settler
The High Deeds of Finn MacCool
The Witch's Brat
Tristan and Iseult
The Truce of the Games
"A Circlet of Oak Leaves"
"The Chief"s Daughter"
"A Crown of Wild Olive"
The Capricorn Bracelet
The Changeling
We Lived in Drumfyvie
Blood Feud
Sun Horse, Moon Horse
Shifting Sands
Song for a Dark Queen
Eagle's Egg
Bonnie Dundee
Flame-coloured Taffeta
The Roundabout Horse
A Little Dog Like You
The Minstrel and the Dragon Pup
Black Ships Before Troy
Chess-dream in a Garden
The Wanderings of Odysseus

Novels for adults

Lady in Waiting
Rider on a White Horse
Sword at Sunset
The Flowers of Adonis
Blood and Sand


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