Apr. 5th, 2017

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 A few things:

1. [community profile] sutcliff_swap will be on hiatus this year. I have a lot of stuff going on during the timeframe when we usually run the fest (finishing my PhD, graduating, trying to find a job, etc), and I'm not exactly sure when things will settle down. I definitely intend to bring it back next year, provided I have, indeed, found a job and am not wandering homeless in the wilderness. That being said, I am not proprietary about swap at all--if there is someone who would like to mod the fest this year, let me know, and I can give you access to everything.

2. Given the new user agreement required by Livejournal, I am making the executive decision to stop using the lj comm [livejournal.com profile] sutcliff_swap . I'm not going to delete the comm, but I will stop posting to it, and all future fests will be run strictly from the Dreamwidth comm. Again, if anyone has strong objections to this and wants to take over the lj comm, we can work that out.

3. Even if swap isn't running this year, [personal profile] chantefable is running a monthly Sutcliff fanmedia challenge over on [community profile] sutcliff_space ! It is very low pressure--each month, prompts are posted (really awesome prompts!), and past months remain open, so there isn't a strict time limit. Go check out this month's prompts.


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