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Signups are now open for [community profile] sutcliff_swap  and will remain open until April 14

1. You only need to be able to offer one source, so if all you've read is The Eagle of the Ninth, you can still participate. Requests based on media inspired by Sutcliff novels, such as the movie The Eagle, are not allowed in this exchange.

2. This is a no-changed-setting AU exchange, which means no modern/space/etc. However, canon-divergence AUs (e.g. changed events, fix-it fic) and/or AUs that add fantasy or supernatural elements to the canon setting (e.g. ghosts, werewolves) are permitted. So if you say "no AUs" in your signup form, it will be assumed that you mean no canon-divergence/added element AUs and want the gift to stick to canon.

3. "Underage" means different things in different modern jurisdictions, and many Sutcliff women canonically marry before age 18, or even before 16; a liberal interpretation of "no underage" would exclude canon Marcus/Cottia, for example. If you state that you do not want underage, please specify what age you mean. Also, if you are uncomfortable writing explicit sex involving a teenaged character, but don't mind writing domestic marriage fic or sub-teen-rated fic, this would be helpful to know for matching purposes.

4. Please only request up to three characters per request (the only exception would be if you want a romantic poly relationship with more than three characters). You may put as many optional characters and pairings as you like in the optional details, but for matching, it helps us if we know which character(s) or pairings you are primarily interested in.

List of Sutcliff Sources

Sign-up form: Signup here!

If you have any questions, PM [personal profile] riventhorn  or email me at riventhorn [at] gmail.com

Date: 2016-04-08 06:07 pm (UTC)
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O frabjous day! Ave, Swap! Thank you for running this. :)


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